Supportive Therapies

All our therapists are qualified, experienced and fully insured. Appointments need to be booked and the treatments are reasonably priced

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Aromatherapy is a complementary treatment which involves the massage of specially prepared essential oils into the skin.

The effects of this treatment can help with pain management, relaxation and general well being.

Appointments are available every Thursday.

Non Members Back Massage – £15
Members Back Massage – £10
Non Members Full Body Massage – £25
Members Full Body Massage – £20


Maintaining healthy feet is very important. Foot problems such as corns can be very sore and painful, and can lead to a change in walking pattern to avoid the pain.

Good posture and correct gait help take the strain off joints such as the knees hips and spine.

Appointments available every second Tuesday of the Month.

Non Members – £18
Members – £14

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