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Bone Health Assessment Service

The Bone Health Assessment includes an ultrasound scan of the heel and a fracture risk assessment (FRAX) as part of a comprehensive Bone Health evaluation.

The Sahara Clinical Bone Sonometer provides a quick, pain-free measurement of bone mineral density (BMD), based on  the transmission of sound through the calcaneus (heel bone). The heel bone contains  a high percentage of the kind of bone (spongy or trabecular bone) that is most affected by osteoporosis.

The Sahara scanner is easy-to-use and is free of any radiation dose. It takes less than a minute to  complete the test.

The SCAN result will be combined with the findings from the FRACTURE RISK ASSESSMENT (FRAX). The latter predicts the chance of a fracture within the next 10 years and together they will give an overall indication of bone health. A full bone health report will then be provided.

Following the Bone Health assessment, clients are given the opportunity to find out how they can best look after their bones.

A healthy lifestyle which includes a calcium diet rich and regular exercise is discussed. Information leaflets will also be available for clients to take home.

PLEASE NOTE: The scanner cannot be used to monitor osteoporosis treatments or those who are currently being cared for under the NHS.

To book an appointment for a Bone Health Assessment, please contact Natalie on 0114 2344433.

The cost is £ 10.00